Welcome! I’m Leanne Warren at Whickham Walkies, based just off Oakfield Road in Whicham – NE16). I’ve been lucky enough to work in Whickham as a self employed dog walker for the last seven years. Meet some of my previous and existing fur baby clients:

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I’m an independent walker, I pride my self on my professional service and the strong bond that I build with the dogs that I walk. I can offer customers:

  • walks with a daily variety of activities, routines and changes of scenery;
  • basic training practiced during all walks;
  • I often have doggie day trips further afield, a particular favourite is the Northumberland coast;
  • positive communication throughout the time spent with your dog;
  • towel dry in wet/muddy conditions;
  • showers can be arranged at an additional cost; and
  • dogs may be allowed to run off the lead when walking in a green space (depending on your dog’s recall training and with your written consent).

Special requirements

Younger dogs or dogs that need a little bit of extra attention can practice lead walking and basic obedience skills on a one-on-one basis with me and I can offer any help or advice needed if you’re a new dog owner. Where appropriate we can still make sure there is plenty of opportunity to meet and socialise with other dogs. Any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

TLC Puppy Visits

I can be there to:

  • offer one-on-one help with puppy training;
  • help your puppy build confidence in their new environment;
  • offer lots of tender loving care, praise and encouragement;
  • fun with toys and treats;
  • back garden play, short walks or park play where this is suitable; and
  • I can help with socialisation where this is appropriate.

This service is suitable for puppies up to 6 months old.

© Whickham Walkies, 2012 – 2019. All rights reserved.

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